I believe that there is more to design than what meets the eye.

Using a conceptual and strategic thinking in your visual choices is the best way to add value in a project.

Selected clients:

ARK, Aschehoug, Berghs School of Communication, Bendik Giske, Bocuse d’Or Norge, Data Nova, Den Lille Nøttefabrikken, DNB, Elixir Cosmeceuticals, Nordic Hotels, Gartnerfuglen, Grand Hotel Oslo, Nordic Hotels, Norefjell Ski & Spa, NSB, NRK TV-Aksjonen, P.A.R.T. Associates, RÅ Skincare, Startup:You



Jone Fjellstad work across an array of different design disciplines, such as identity design, web design, art direction and print design. It’s the opportunities in the intersections of these disciplines that drives his passion for design.

Jone Fjellstad multidisciplinary designer and tutor from Oslo. Based in Copenhagen but work all over the nordic region.